Under this section, we present you with few premium destinations in the world like USA and premium holidays ideas of Religious Tours and River Cruises. This can be taken by individuals and families who have history of travel and those who have the interest for regional discoveries and exploring. The religious faith based holidays can be taken by elders and others who have fascinations for religious sites. Rest assured that we extend perfect visa documentation assistance and best airfare deals. As it is a dream to go to these desti8nations and also as we are not going to go to these places frequently we work with GLOBUS FAMILY OF BRANDS which includes leading holiday brands like Globus Journeys, Cosmos Vacations, Avalon Waterways etc., Rest assured that we at LETZGO strive hard to deliver your dream intact rather than taking chances. All you have to do is to book with us and look forward to enjoy the destination without worrying about the logistics.




Yes it is possible to do an independent program to these destinations but Travelling independently is tough job where you will spend more time planning your holiday rather than enjoying it. Globus Family brands offers wide range holidays of different durations, varying budgets, flexible dates, high quality coaches with huge panoramic windows, hotels at perfect locations, more included sightseeing, participants from across the world and what more your porterage is included and you get enough free time on your holiday.
You can choose from the above vacations which are popular amongst the Indian Travelers. There are lot more itineraries, destinations and holiday ideas that are available and you can call us anytime for details.