The present day house boats / Kettuvallams were once in the olden days Rice barges which were used to carry the harvest from one part to the other place easily, safely and economicaly.These house boats were the means of transporting men and materials to different destinations. Due to its sheer size and shape, Kettuvallams can carry huge amounts of load at one go even to the most remote areas because of its accessibility. As time passed, situations changed. Road, Rail and Air transportation scored over these slow country boats, with people opting for speedy delivery at lesser cost and not opting these inland waterways mode any longer.

The House boats had enough facilities for cooking and sleeping for the boatmen. Sometimes boatmen's families too accompanied them on these boats which were about 100 feet long and could hold up to 30 tons. It is this convenience of a House boat which brought about the idea of promoting tourism in the backwaters of Kerala on a House boats.  Most house boats available were then soon turned to Luxury House boats with lodging and dining facilities (floating hotel rooms) to carry tourist and show around the stunning back waters & village life of Kollam and Alleppey. Initially they stuck to the old fashioned punting and now it has been taken over by motors and Electric engines.

With Kerala becoming a major destination for tourists, Kettuvallams have been given a new lease of life. A cruise in the backwaters of Kerala in these boats is a remarkable experience and an opportunity to enjoy the contained unhurried pace of life. Floating along the cool tranquil waters, one can experience an unusual approach of life.


This varies from house boat to house boat as per classification. House Boats come as Air conditioned & Non Air conditioned ones and can have 1 to 7 rooms which can cater to the requirements of a Single traveler /couple to a large family/ group of more than 15 members.Sun deck ,Living area, spacious bedrooms as per specification with attached bathrooms and Kitchen is the minimum facility available on board a House boat. We also have Luxury boat which provide facilities like TV, DVD Players, Internet, Jaccuzi etc;. There are also House boats which can cater to a day conference for up to 100 pax.


On board,your crew will take care of all your needs. The 3 regional marines deal with everything from the navigation to meal preparation and other services. The cuisine on board is a special one. Kerala traditional meals are prepared right before your eyes, so do not hesitate to participate in this family kitchen with unpretentious flavors from ancestors passed down through generations.


Different suppliers take different routes as per your arrival & departure convenience and duration of stay in the boat. Usual routings are given below for your reference.

    • Alleppey round trips.
    • Kumarakom round trips.
    • Alleppey to Kottayam.
    • Alleppey to Kumarakom.
    • Alleppey to Allamkadavu.
    • Alleppey to Kollam.
    • Alleppey to Kochi.
    • Kumarakom to Allamkadavu.