Don’t you agree that a stimulated employee, inspired dealer and motivated associates are essential elements for the success of your marketing plans on which you spend crores? What better way than a holiday to entertain, pamper these PERFORMERS to show that you really care. What better way than a holiday to engage, listen to these WINNERS to show that you value them.

We at Letzgo Vacations strive hard to work with you to induce and create that smile, sense of togetherness and enduring memories in your team. We specialise in Kerala and surrounding hills and have the necessary knowledge, contacts, infrastructure, experience and above all the respect for your desire to give the best to your team.


Apart from the magnitude or frequency it is the destination which has gained importance over the years since it has been found that the ambience does play a vital role in providing the right kind of inspiration for the participants. Kerala, the God’s own country with the adjoining hills is the most fascinating slice of paradise giving that picture perfect setting for you to escape with your team.

With its warm climate, friendly people, rich culture Kerala have countless captivating experience to offer. Be it the basic tropical luxury or cobalt blue seas or white sandy beaches or majestic mountains or Mist laden hills, or Magical backwater or lush green jungles or bustling heritage rich cities, Kerala offers all fabulous venues on a platter and proves to be an Ideal destination to reward and engage the very best of your performers. 


  1. Good destination knowledge and operating experience thus helping you to narrow down on the desired destination and venue.
  2. Well planned and designed program which enables you to concentrate on what you intend to achieve
  3. One stop shop for all local arrangements starting from Hotels, Transportation, Sight Seeing, Excursions, Spouse Programs etc.,
  4. Highly competitive cost for the services is delivered through our leveraged buying power from industry suppliers thus saving much of your resources.
  5. Clear concise and professional operating process and systems thus avoiding many communication gaps and service mishaps.
  6. Saving of time and efforts - As a Quality outsourced partner we bring in new ideas, work with you and execute the plans well,
  7. Respect, professionalism and service orientation to every participant so that they travel in style and comfort, from the time they arrive till they depart.
  8. Hard work - Being a dependable and reliable tour operator, we work very hard to achieve and deliver the desired results for your team and network.                           


With excellent rapport with the hotels and other suppliers we execute the below options with great pride and ease.

  1. Staff Reward Programs             
  2. Incentive Group Holidays                       
  3. Board Meetings & Dealer Meetings.                  
  4. Sales Trainings & Meetings                    .
  5. Conferences                                         
  6. Team Holidays & Excursions      for office staff.              

Depending on your requirement we can add team building games, Fun activities, Theme Dinners, Gala evenings, Business/conference activities, shopping tours to any of the above activities. Shortly we strive hard to support your desire to engage with your team or to reward your team. Rest assured everything will be planned and executed to the diamond edge perfection all in a very competitive cost and friendly liason.  

So the moment you think of stepping out of the monotony of the office and escape to Kerala...... Just say LETZGO TO KERALA and CALL LETZGO VACATIONS!