This service is offered to both Indian and Foreign universities and colleges who desire to bring their students on an educational trip to South India. Our fundamental mission here is to reliably deliver a safe and personalized program which would be a truly rewarding and educative experience to the participants. 


  1. Every tour is private tour conducted with the assistance of a professional tour manager and knowledgeable local specialist guides. The tour manager accompanies from your entry point till the departure.
  2. We can custom design your program around your themes and educational priorities and to create a tour itinerary that ideally suits your personal, educational,  cultural and budgetary requirements.
  3. There are no hidden surprises. Our belief of honesty and integrity  ensures that pricing is all inclusive which takes of even tolls, entrance fees, sightseeing taxes etc., Once you pay up you don’t spend anything  more except the  personal expenses
  4. We can customize your hotel requirement and can work on single or twin or triple occupancy. We choose the hotels that are absolutely safe, clean, located close to sightseeing places and those which reflect the charm of the area you visit.
  5. A Full breakfast is always included. We provide you with the best of native culinary experience and menus chosen always reflect the best of authentic local cuisine. Lunches are mostly in Restaurants. Dinners are in some theme Restaurants or hotels as desired by you.
  6. Our tour program perfectly balances the educational visits to attractions, best of cultural experience and the recreational activities. The programs are not rushed through at any point of time
  7. Full-fledged presentations of the tour and all necessary documents are given in advance so that participants can mentally prepare before arrival. Neat folder with all required information and instructions are given on arrival
  8. Teachers can rest assured about our research and pre tour co-ordination. Parents can rest assured about the safety, best price and reaching their children at any time. Of course, the students can rest assured about quality experience.

With the rich cultural & spiritual heritage backed up by best of infrastructure, South India proves to be ideal location for any educational trips. Be it Modern industries, Ancient Temples, Majestic Hills, Colonial Legacy you get everything in abundance here. This region is famous for some of themes that are listed below.

  1. Ancient Architecture Holidays

  2. Cultural Holidays with dance forms, cuisine,  religion, martial arts as themes

  3. Forest  & wild life managements

  4. Village Life

  5. Religious Study Tours

  6. Industrial Visits

  7. Ayurveda

We can work on above individual themes or combinations of themes as you desire. 

So next time when you think of Educational trip to South India, all you have to do is to visit the site at, and make a request.   Our specialist consultant takes over and works with you on various themes, budget, feasibility, availability, itinerary, arrangements etc., It is our desire to reply within 24 hours on week days and 48 hours in weekends. We also desire to finalize and put all arrangements in place minimum 30 days in advance.