This innovative product from Letzgo Vacations is mostly for   Non – Resident Indians & Indians who have moved abroad from South India years back in search of greener pastures.  To start with Tamilnadu & Kerala are on the only destinations we offer for this service.


Ever thought of re-connecting yourself or family to your ancestral times? If you desire to relive your past or want your children to experience the Indian culture, spirituality and have glimpses of Indian ethos Letzgo vactions’ “Know your root holidays” would be ideal. By taking this holiday you can relive your young age nostalgia, can visit you Kula-deivam (family deity) temples for special Poojas, visit the ancestral villages & possibly visit ancestral house too, make your children to meet your old relatives and what more?  You or children can look at a way of living in your or family’s  old village for few days too.

There are no readymade programs and it is always tailor made depending on what you want to discover or what you want your children to learn, experience and enjoy.  If you already know where to head and what to do we will be happy to assist you in executing the plans in a way you want. But if you have only memories and not sure of how to go about, we can do the home work on your behalf so that you need to just relive the past leaving the logistics to us.

We can also offer this product for the passengers from Great Britain and other European countries whose forefathers have left a distinct memories & monuments in India. The programs can also be suitable for passengers from Singapore, Malaysia, Gulf and other countries, whose earlier generations lived in Tamilnadu & Kerala.

Always remember this holiday is interactive and we need to be discussing lot to get you the best. Write to us with details of what your desire is, number of persons, period of travel and duration available and most importantly where your past belongs.

We welcome you with open hand always to relive your past!