Exploring the sites and spiritual areas associated with the great religions is a life-changing experience and there are few travel experiences that can be more rewarding than tracing the roots of your religious faith back to their original source.

India the birth place of some great faiths like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism is the most preferred destination for faith based travel.   South India is no exception and there are thousands of temples and associated stories for one to experience.   Whether you are travelling for just worshipping or washing some sins away or for Astrological reasons South India have many locations for all religious believers. We welcome you to witness the great temples, places of worship and rituals that mean so much to millions of people

We greatly respect the fact that your faith impacts every aspect of your life and we specialize in custom designing you religious tours. With our diversified and extensive experience in handling queries related to Religious travel, we have summarized few popular religious below. 

Abodes of Lord Muruga             

This 06 Nights/07 days,  tour takes you to abodes of Lord Muruga ( The Aaru-Padai-Veedu).  We can start with Thirutani (near Chennai) follow it up with Swami Malai near Kumbakonam and travel onwards to Madurai to Visit Tiruparamkundram & Alagarkovil. We will be visiting Thiruchendur and Palani temples with Madurai as base. Though tour can start & end in Chennai for passengers coming from  Singapore, Srilanka & Malaysia we recommend ending the tour in Trichy depending on flight availability.  Send us  a enquiry with proposed arrival/departure details  for detailed itinerary, importance and  the cost.  

Lord Shiva in Five Elements        

Possibliy a four nights five days,  We visit Ekambaraeswarar temnple  in Kanchipuram (Lord Shiva as  Earth) and   Sreekalahasti Temple at  Kalahasti ( Lord Shiva as Air) with Chennai as base. We move onward to Chidambaram  Natarajar Temple (Lord Shiva as Space) and travel onward to Trichy to visit Jambulingaeswara temple at Tiruvanaikaval (Lord Shiva as water). On the final leg we travel to Thiruvannamalai to visit the famous Annamalayar Temple (Lord Shiva as Fire) before ending our journey in Chennai. It can be made more leisurely by including other shiva temples en-route. Send us  a enquiry with proposed arrival/departure details  for detailed itinerary, importance and  the cost. 

Navagraha Temples

It is common that many devotees for Astrological and other religious reasons visit the temples of Nava Grahas (Nine Planets).  This tour takes you to Surayanar Koil (Temple of Sun-Surya), Thingalur (Temple of Moon- Chandra), Vaitheeswaram Temple( temple of Mars-Kujan), Thiruvenkadu ( temple of Mercury – Budan), Alangudi (Temple of Jupiter-Guru), Kanchanoor ( Temple of Venus – Sukran), Tirunallar (Temple of Saturn – Saneesawaran),  Tirunageswaram (Temple of Dragon Head – Rahu) and  Kilperumpallam (Temple of Dragon Tail-Ketu). All this towns are located in different direction within 100 Kms from Kumkonam and  can cover it leisurely with in 3 full days. Send us  a enquiry with proposed arrival/departure details  for detailed itinerary, importance and  the cost.  

Temples of Tamilnadu 

Thousands of temples with lofty towers dot the skyline of Tamilnadu. These temples are torch bearers of the glorious spiritual and cultural heritage of the Tamil speaking region and are repositories of the magnificent art and architecture forms that evolved over several centuries. Several of these temples dates back 1st millennium CE. The typical temple tour of Tamilnadu takes you to most famous ones located in Chennai, Kanchipuram, Chidambaram, Tanjore, Kumbakonam, Trichy, Madurai, Rameswaram. These temples are well known for their architectural beauty and religious significance.  If you have any temples of your choice located en-route, we can accommodate them in the program. The tour can be done in seven to eight nights. Send us  a enquiry with proposed arrival/departure details  with your requirements if any for detailed itinerary, importance and  the cost. 

Temples of Kerala

The temples in Kerala has been all the time an amazing factor for its uniqueness in structure, rituals, tradition, offerings, festivals, customs etc. Some of these are even connected with our great epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Most of the temples allow only hindus to enter the premises Kerala temple architecture is unique, and it is in harmony with the natural resources and the climatic conditions of the region. Elephants are an integral part of several of the festivities. A colorful calendar of festivals and strict worship protocols are associated with the temples that line the landscape of Kerala. Depending on your interest and time availability we can tailor make fantastic temple tour for you.  The route of standard Kerala Temples tour is the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum Janardhanaswamy Temple, Varkala - Mannarsala Snake Temple & Subramanya temple at Haripad -  Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna Temple - Etumanoor Mahadeva Temple - Chottanikara Bhagawati temple - Kodungaloor Bhagwati Temple- Triprayar Sri Rama Temple- Chottanikara Bhagwati Temples- Guruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple and Trichur Vadakunathan temple.  This can be done in five to six nights. Send us  a enquiry with proposed arrival/departure details  with your requirements if any for detailed itinerary, importance and the cost.

St Thomas Trail in Kerala

The Trail follows the footsteps of St. Thomas the apostle, disciple of Jesus Christ, through Kerala.  St Thomas believed to have come to Kodungalur in 52 AD, spent nearly twenty years in India spreading Christianity and established seven & half churches in Kerala. The trail is an opportunity to understand and trace the development of Christianity across Kerala and witness the historical remains and stories of the Apostle and the emergence  of  Christianity in Kerala. Visit  all the seven churches established by St. Thomas Known as Ezharapallikal in palayoor, Kodungallur, Niranam, Nilackal, Kokkamangalam, Kottakkayal, Kollam & Thiruvithancode. (Arappally -half church) It would be a minimum 6 to 7 nights tour with other added attractions too as a part of the package